Adam Page

Jul 30, 2023
Adam Page

We caught up with multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, educator, all-round musical maverick – Adelaide’s Adam Page…

Could you tell us more about your solo multi-instrumental looping performances and how you developed that unique style?

“It’s all improvised and as the title suggests it’s multi-instrumental. I come up with a very loose idea at the start of a piece of music and let it evolve spontaneously and often I will gather energy and content of the improvisations from the audience and basically read the room and create music to speak to those feelings! No two shows are ever the same, once the audience is with me, the show can go in any direction.”


What inspired you to venture into composing major works for orchestras, and what have been some of the highlights of those experiences?

“I was asked to write major work for the New Zealand Orchestra, and I just had to say yes. I had never written for an orchestra before and all of a sudden here I am writing for one of the best in the world, and it’s been such a positive experience!

My highlight is standing in front of the orchestra and playing my own music, hearing the mighty sound of eighty musicians bringing to life my music; as a listener it’s great but when you are up there performing as a soloist and it’s a pretty magnificent feeling!”


Among your numerous collaborations with different artists, which collaboration stands out as particularly memorable or influential for you?

“I reckon the one that was really fun was working on the Hobbit films, even though I wasn’t working directly with Peter Jackson, he was there while I was a part of it and just seeing the way he worked and the beast that is a major film works in the background, it’s definitely a highlight in my career.”


If you could play just one instrument, what would it be? 

“The Tenor Saxophone! It’s the instrument that I have studied the most, I did my honours degree in music on the saxophone and it’s the instrument that I express in the most true way. I have been playing it for 30 years, it’s just where I can find my voice.”


What should people expect from you at Wanderer? 

“I think come with an open mind and an open heart, come on the spontaneous journey with me, if you see me twice it won’t be the same, come on the journey with me and I will look after you!”


Learn more about Adam’s working style and take a listen to his music here.