Local Talent To Perform

Local Talent To Perform

Wanderer Programmer Simon Daly and Arts Program Curator Ian Pidd have ensured a strong focus on local talent across the 3 days of the festival. Ian said today, “It’s been a real pleasure meeting up with the incredible artists living here on the Coast. I’m really thrilled with the work we are programming from these artists this year, and look forward to showcasing more over coming festival’s. Those visitors unaware of the remarkable cultural capacity of this community are in for a treat!

Some of the superb local artists who’ll grace the music and arts stages include: Anactoria, Bega Sound Collective, Bega Valley Men’s Choir, Benji and the Saltwater Soundsystem, The Big Lost Band, Cephalopods, Djinama Yilaga, Felicity Dowd, Gabadu, Heath Cullen, Robyn Martin, Sam’s Caravan, Shaquille Aldridge and the Duruunu Miru Dancers, The Scaramouche, We Shaped Up Like This.

Highlights from this round include:

The Big Lost Band – Co-ordinated by Bega based musician Tamlyn Magee, and Dean Gray of Wolumna Music School, this massive rock and roll band is made from community musicians from across the Sapphire Coast. Featuring players from many of the wonderful music departments of the schools in the region, including Eden Marine High School, Lumen Christi Catholic College and Wolumna Primary School. Open rehearsals will be held across the region in the month leading up to the festival.

Bega Sound Collective – Playing late night cool DJ sessions.

Cephalopods – The roving party piece that has longed for legs has emerged from the swamps to celebrate new terrain! Referencing all the swamplands from New Orleans to Naarm. This 6-piece brass band created by Melbourne based trombone maestro Ros Jones, will be joined by a host of local Sapphire Coast brass and percussion players. Put your squid arms on and follow the party – they will blast their way through the festival at unexpected times, in unexpected places!

Sam’s Caravan – An intimate music and performance stage run by Candello based musician and music educator Sam Martin. This stage will feature many shows from our visiting and local performance and music program and will also function as a broadcast studio over the course of
the whole weekend. In the evenings Sam’s Caravan will showcase a curated program of emerging talent.

Welcome to Country – The Welcome To Country will be spoken by Auntie Glenda Dixon, and the smoking and dancing will be performed by Shaquille Aldridge and the Duruunu Miru Dancers from Eden.

We Shaped Up Like This – Bec Reid will feature local dance schools in her We Shaped Up Like This program. Bec will be assisted by Bega Valley’s wonderful youth dance company Fling.