Single Day Tickets released for Friday

Single Day Tickets released for Friday

Opening night on Friday Sep 23 is headlined by The Teskey Brothers, renowned for their live performances combining soul, blues and honouring that old school Motown sound. Also starring on opening night are Jack River, Josh Pyke, Alice Ivy, The Vanns, The Dreggs, Hayley Mary and more. Saturday highlights include Ziggy Alberts, Confidence Man, Wolfmother and Curtis Harding. Meanwhile The Dandy Warhols, DMA’s and Sarah Blasko sit amongst an epic closing night line-up. The Arts program is not to be missed with each day brimming with a stellar offering of circus, comedy, theatre and more.

A core part of the Wanderer Festival ethos is accessibility. And whilst most people are coming for the whole three days, we understand there are real barriers preventing some people from being able to come. Whether it be work commitments or financial pressure, there were some people disappointed to be missing out and that’s not what we are about. The whole point of Wanderer Festival is to bring a world class show to a regional area and right to the people who too often miss out.

On the ground, there are more complications when you introduce single day attendance to a multi-day event. Being a completely new festival, we wanted to keep it simple in the first year and evolve with time. Confirming our Pambula Beach venue did alleviate that to some extent. We’ve also had a chance to assess capacity now that we are closer to the event. Whilst most people have opted for 3 day tickets, the 2 day ticket has been really strong too, meaning a bigger crowd on the Saturday night. Having a Sat & Sun weekend ticket has enabled us to add the Friday only ticket to balance the festival and manage an even spread of capacity, staffing and operations across all three days. The importance of achieving capacity balance is why we’ve only released a Friday ticket and not a Saturday ticket. We would have preferred to have one consistent ticketing message right through, but we also recognise the importance of being responsive where we can, all things considered.

Wanderer Festival ultimately is curated as a 3 day experience. There’s something intangible and hard to explain about the difference between coming for one day and having more of a concert experience, compared to immersing yourself in the whole three days. Apart from an unmissable program on each and every day, there’s a connectivity and an energy that happens between people that are there for the whole journey that’s incredibly special. There’s a really unique sense of community that people don’t realise is so integral until they experience it. People are attracted to the festival for particular artists, but go away with something completely unexpected as their highlight. We just know that people coming for one day are going to wish they’d planned to come for more – if they can.

With less than two weeks until Wanderer Festival kicks off, music and arts lovers are urged to secure their tickets now and download the app for all the latest details.